Thursday, 31 October 2013


so today while i was waiting for the traffic lights to turn green an old lady a few cars ahead of me falls down hitting her head

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

How are you?

"Pretty Good." I say that almost every time someone asks me that. It's such a boring question. Small talk is boring. I hate asking it and answering it. It's a filler for conversation 'pretty good' prevents people from asking any further. "Hey man how are you" "Good" 'you' 'yea I'm alright' END. Done. I guess its like a chore, people etiquette. But then again I guess you need time to break that first barrier, like when you see a person you haven't seen for a long time. A apart of you wants to talk, another parts want to avoid cause you know its probably just small talk. Then you put a smiley face on engage in small talk, disengage after a while. Smile also goes.

Or maybe a talk would of been nice, since you did have a pretty boring day. But the other person thinks your busy heading off to someone, and you probably think the same think. Especially if they are with their friends. Maybe its the fact that we think the other person is always busy, maybe thats the reason why we don't indulge in more deeper conversations in these spontaneous moments.


Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Far man them feels

To this day

then I see this comment beneath the video

Or get over it. This is a video bitching about being bullied, there are kids in this world who have to wield a machine gun and kill people from the age of 6, and you think being bullied is such a problem? Fuck off.

Then I think about the kids starving  near death right now on this planet earth, or ones that have to kill others in order to survive.

I wonder whats going through their minds


Completing a marathon makes us happier than eating pork ribs. Raising a child makes us happier than beating a video game. Starting a small business with friends and struggling to make money makes us happier than buying a new computer.
And the funiny thing is that all three of the activities above are exceedingly unpleasant and require setting high expectations and potentially failing to always meet them. Yet, they are some of the mosst meaningful moments and activities of our lives. They involve pain, struggle, even anger and despair, yet once we’ve done them we look back and get misty-eyed about them..
Because it’s these sort of activities which allow us to become our ideal selves. It’s the perpetual pursuit of fulfilling our ideal selves which grants us happiness, regardless of superficial pleasures or pain, regardless of positive or negative emotions. This is why some people are happy in war and others are sad at weddings. It’s why some are excited to work and others hate parties. The traits they’re inhabiting don’t align with their ideal selves.
It’s not the end results which define our ideal selves. It’s not finishing the marathon that makes us happy, it’s achieving a difficult long-term goal that does. It’s not having an awesome kid to show off that makes us happy, but knowing that you gave yourself up to the growth of another human being that is special. It’s not the prestige and money from the new business that makes you happy, it’s process of overcoming all odds with people you care about.
And this is the reason that trying to be happy inevitably will make you unhappy. Because to try to be happy implies that you are not already inhabiting your ideal self, you are not aligned with the qualities of who you wish to be. After all, if you were acting out your ideal self, then you wouldn’t feel the need to try to be happy.
Cue statements about “finding happiness within,” and “knowing that you’re enough.” It’s not that happiness itself is in you, it’s that happiness occurs when you decide to pursue what’s in you.
And this is why happiness is so fleeting. Anyone who has set out major life goals for themselves, only to achieve them and realize that they feel the same relative amounts of happiness/unhappiness, knows that happiness always feels like it’s around the corner just waiting for you to show up. No matter where you are in life, there will always be that one more thing you need to do to be extra especially happy.
And that’s because our ideal self is always around that cornier, our ideal self is always three steps ahead of us. We dream of being a musician and when we’re a musician we dream of writing a film score and when write a film score, we dream of writing a screenplay. And what matters isn’t that we achieve each of these plateaus of success, but that we’re consistently moving towards them, day after day, month after month, year after year. The plateaus will come and go, and we’ll continue following our ideal self down the path of our lives.
The other day my uni tutor told us that when we become angry, you never

think about " Am I angry now, am I doing this right?" You tend to be 

out of your blood, you live the anger. You become the anger, then its gone. 

For some weird reason it reminded me the time when my sixth grade teacher 

told the whole class that if you try to be cool, you will never be cool.

Acts of random kindness

No work bro

Man sometimes you just hate yourself from procrastinating. You know its bad yet you do it again, and again and again. When your just about to start work your like ' oh yea why not watch a lil bit of that read a lil bit of this.' It just keeps leading on and on, when you procrastinate you want to do something, but you don't take action that is in alignment with that thought. You become conflicted within. Sometimes I would watch those motivational videos and be inspired by the spur of the moment. Your like oh just look how successful those people are, then deep inside later on your like man its probably to hard to reach their level. Look at them, then look back at you. Its weird how we at times fear we are going to fail, when we haven't even tried.Weird mentality isn't it.

When people say 'just do want you like for your profession' I wished I knew what I liked. I wished I had some sort of passion at this stage of my life.

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